Unique Postcard & pattern design

Welcome to our website! Together as Sarahanimatie, Sarah Leker and Niki de Graaf work on postcards and fabric design with a story and a twist. We’re always looking to picture things that we think are pretty and fun. It is our mission to create cards that can help people to reconnect, and prints with a story or a joke. That is also how the business started, and after having made many cards for different occasions in our private circle we decided to make them available for everyone to share with the world. For the sake of suspense all designs are limited edition. Enjoy our products and don’t hesitate to contact us if you’d like us to design something exclusively for you. Whether it be a blouse or a post card, we’re here for you. Are you looking for something that no one else has, or is there just nothing for you? Don’t hesitate. We are happy to make something unique for you, entirely on request.